-How do I know how much time I will need an entertainer for?
You can expect us to get through 10-12 people an hour at a private event

-Is Face Paint safe?
The products that we use are cosmetic grade so in a word, yes. Please keep in mind that if someone does have very sensitive skin we cannot guarantee that they will not have a reaction. Face paint is make up after all. We are happy to do a test patch (the inside of the elbow works best) and if there has been no reaction in the first few minutes it is usually safe to proceed.
Please make sure you book with a professional like us! There are some painters out there using substandard paint or even acrylic paint which has been known to cause permanent scaring!!!! EEEK!

-How do I remove face paint?
Warm soapy water is the easiest and gentlest way to remove the make up. Some colours have a much stronger pigment and may need a little extra help. For this we recommend olive oil or an oil based make up remover.

-I’m just paying someone to paint a few faces and twist a few balloons, right?
Nope! What you’re paying for when hiring a professional face painter or balloon twister:
-Quality face painting and ballooning
-A professional entertainer who is prepared for anything!
-Hours of practice and classes to become the entertainer that will wow your guests
-Costs of running a business including: products, insurance, costumes, tents, chairs and tables, petrol, printing etc

-Where do you service?
We are based in St Kilda but are happy to travel. If you are unsure if we will come to your location just ask! Depending on the distance there may be a small travel fee added to your booking.

-Do you teach Face Painting or Ballooning?
No, I don’t but I can recommend some lovely professionals that do!

-I am running a charity event. Will you donate your services free of charge?
Unfortunately, due to costs of being a professional entertainer I am unable to donate my time to any more charities than I currently do. What we recommend doing is getting a local business to sponsor the face painting so your guests don’t miss out. Otherwise you can always pass the charge onto the public.

-I want my child to get painted but they aren’t to keen. Will you paint them anyway?
We will not paint anyone who is unwilling. If your child is shy then sure! We will do our best to get them painted but only if they let us know it’s ok.

-From what age can my child get painted or have a balloon?
We will not paint any child under 2 years. They are usually very wriggly and their skin is just not ready.
Same for balloons. If they put it in their mouth and it pops it can be a choking hazard.

-My child is scared of popping balloons. Is it still safe to book you for their party?
There is no way to stop balloons from popping but we always try our best to keep it to the minimum of course.

If you have any questions that have not been answered please email us on hollywoodfp@yahoo.com